Location session fee       $50.00      with  a 100.00 deposit 
Location session fee    will be  waived with any 200.00 deposit or more
Your deposit will be applied to your order /Note this fee is none refundable
and must be applied  to  a product.
Holiday rate  deposit is 300.00

All orders of $400 or more will receive 
 a cd of your images and a personal use
copyright release form
Black and white also included on cd at no extra fee

Retouched prints      

1-4x5      5.00 each                                               
1-5x7      12.50                                  
1-8x10    20.00  
1-11x14   mounted and sprayed        $89.95
1-16x20   mounted and sprayed        $189.95
1- 20 x24  mounted and sprayed       $269.89                              

Package#  1

                 1-11x14    2-5x7    2-8x10   16wallet's         $149.95    Save  25.00

                     1-16x20     4-8x10's    4-5x7's                $269.99   Save  49.96

Package#3       15- units or sheets to make you own package    $220.00   Save  $80.00

                                                ( Session Fee required for this offer)
                                                       location shoot fee  $50.00
Package  #4       small family or couples package       1-8xo 2-5x7   4-4x5     $ 99.95 
                            use up to 2 poses /you may buy your images on cd  $ 50.00 more