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Dance & Prom Portraits
Are you tired of the same old dance or prom photos from the same old
studio that keeps giving you the same backgrounds every other year.
or prices so high you need to take out a loan to afford your picture ????
then look know more contact me and I'll fix both your problems and more.
I have been photographing dances and proms for 30 years
and I have always made sure you get your prints at an affordable rate

*Custom made background
* Low prices starting  with a  $15.00 package
* Fast turn around on your portraits  (Most Schools  Under 1Week)
* Ask about my other programs to save you money
* I never charge extra for group shots
** No fee is charge to the school  for me to do your prom or dance **
    I will give back to the school 1.00 from every package sold
    to help you out for your next event
*** All 8x10s ,5x7s,4x5,s come in dance folders***

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